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We specialize in offering you investments that give you the ability to completely or partially defer taxes on your investment real estate. We work together with you and your CPA, Tax Advisor, Attorney, Real Estate Broker and any other advisor you utilize to help mitigate your taxes.

There are several ways this can be accomplished, including:

  • Defer taxes on certain asset sales, including real estate taxes (specifically a 1031 Exchange).
  • Mitigate taxes on investment income.
  • Mitigate taxes on ordinary income.
  • Achieve tax-free retirement income.

Our Products & Services

1031 Exchange Properties

When it is time to sell an investment property, there are many factors to consider.

Alternative Investments

We have access to an array of Alternative Investment products for diversification.


Investments aimed at providing a set income over a specific period of time.

Conservation Easements

Allows a landowner to protect natural resources on their property.


About Us

Our partners at The 1031 Team are focused on providing a comprehensive solution to your real estate transactions. We understand that no two clients are alike and seek to tailor your investment objectives by utilizing a list of one of the most diversified DST offerings available in the market. We also offer alternative solutions that may maximize cash flow or mitigate your tax obligations.

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